Josefine Ottesen
  prize-winning Danish author
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Grants and Awards

Travel grant from the Authors Foundation, 1985
Travel grant from the Augustine Foundation, 1986
”The Feather and the Rose” receives the Ministry of Culture's Children's Book Prize, 1987
Working grant from the National Art Foundation, 1997
Working grant from the Danish Dramatists Society,  1997
Personal invitation to the literature festival in Caen, France, "Les Boreáles de Normandie", November 1998
Working grants from the State Literature Council, 1999 and 2000
Working Grant from the Authors Foundation, 2000

Working Grant from the State Literature Council, 2003
Working Grant from the Authors Foundation, 2004
The Local Councils' School Library Association's Author Prize, 2004 - for "The Warrior" trilogy.
"The Warrior" trilogy is accepted on to the list of honour for the international Hans Christian Andersen Award (IBBY), September 2004
"The Lord of the Dragons" easy-reading serial receives the Childrens' Librarians' Culture Prize, November 2004
My collected works nominated for IBBY´s Hans Christian Andersen Award 2006

"The Whisper of Demons" receives the Bookshop Assistants' Childrens' Book Prize, 2005
"The Whisper of Demons" receives Danish Radio's Orla Prize, 2006 (note: this award is made on the basis of readers' votes, ed.)

Nominated for prize as Denmark's Favourite Danish Author 2007, awarded by bookshop chain Bog og Idé (Books and Ideas)
Nominated in two categories for Danish Radio's Orla Prize, 2007 - children's book category for Sigurd's Saga and teenage book category for The Crystal Heart (book 3 in serial The Mira Chronicles)
Golak, vol.1 of The Deadlands trilogy, receives the Danish Ministry of Culture's Author Prize for Children and Young Adults, June 2009.
Nominated for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2010.
Nominated for Danish Radio's Orla Prize for Golak, vol.1 of The Deadlands trilogy.
● Nominated for the newspaper Weekendavisen's readers' prize for Genfødt (Resurrection), vol.2 of The Deadlands trilogy. 
Awarded Søren Gyldendal Merit Award, September 2013
● Awarded Pædagogisk LæringsCenterForening (School Librarians Association) Children's Book Prize 2015 for collected works.