Josefine Ottesen
  prize-winning Danish author
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Theseus 1-5

Alrune, 2012-14

Part 1: The Three Gates
No one is counting on Theseus. He's just a big stupid boy who has no father. But they are all making a mistake. When Theseus shows how strong he is, he is sent to Athens. But the road there is filled with dangers. 

The king takes a step back. 
"You certainly look big enough. Is that fat or muscle?"  
He pokes Theseus in the stomach. Theseus tightens his muscles and the king looks at him in wonder.  
"You're strong. Why don't you behave like the other boys? You should be learning how to fight and swing a sword. Instead you're sitting in here along with the women of the castle."
Theseus doesn't answer. He can't tell the king he doesn't dare. Not because he's afraid of losing. He's afraid of hurting the others. No one knows how strong he is. That's just how it's always been.

Author's comments  
I've always been wild about the Greek myths. So I have written the story about Theseus. He is a famous hero. He is the one who vanquishes the terrible Minotaur. But before he does that, he fights with many other monsters. Happy reading.

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