Josefine Ottesen
  prize-winning Danish author
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The Hidden Key 1-5

Illustrated by Emil Landgreen

  Alrune, 2008

Part 1: Fight for Life

Chapter 1

“Catch, Zip!” Hunter’s voice is shrill. Zip throws himself forward to catch the small metal and fibre square. At that moment, one of the big men grabs hold of his throat. He twists free. It’s easy for him to get away. Even though he’s tall, he’s very slight. He bends down and takes hold of the small object. Then he runs as fast as he can. 
He can hear the others from the gang behind him. They are making fun of the Emir’s men, so they let Zip run. People say that the Emir feeds his troops with chemical substances. That’s why they grow big and strong, but they’re not particular bright. They let themselves be distracted by the mockery from the others. That gives Zip time to get away. 
He runs off in between the large piles of rubble and stones. Here and there, the wall or a corner of a house is still standing. Otherwise, the town is in ruins. That’s how it’s been since the old world broke down. Wars and chaos have ruled for many years. Zip can’t remember it being different.
He clasps his booty in his hand. It’s a hard disc. If they are lucky, there will be information saved on it. Then they can sell it. The Emir’s agents pay well for that sort of thing. People say he wants to own all the knowledge from the old world. Zip can see the Emir's city in the distance. It is hidden behind high walls.

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